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27 March 2012

Old Chapel Farm Residential 17th/ 18th March 2012

Another cracking weekend working in the woods and enjoying the hospitality of Kevin and Fran at Old Chapel Farm.

Really busy atmosphere at Old Chapel as we were not alone in the woods, there were a  few people staying the weekend to plant trees, a group of woofers who were currently staying at the farm and then the local Bodgers (Green woodworkers) group were up at the woods that weekend too.

Main task for the weekend was continuation of the paths through the wood, after a customary tea break we were all needed to lift a felled tree and get it in place as a roof beam for a wood store that was under construction in one the quarried out recesses next to the hut and camp fire. Once this was done we set to work on the paths clearing a good section with our trusty mattocks before stopping for lunch.

After lunch another tree was felled and again lifted into place, whoever came up with the expression many hands make light work clearly hasn’t lifted a felled tree before. Then the rest of the afternoon was spent putting in a few steps along the path and bit a down time carving and chatting to the Bodgers about green wood working and having a little go at a few simple crafts as well. Come sunset it was back to the farm for a delicious vegan curry, some pleasant conversation and a fair few glasses of home-made wine before bed.

Sunday started much the same with us getting on with the paths in the morning and finishing a good few sections of steps then after lunch, some continued with the paths while a few more were roped into help with the roofing on the wood store. Come mid-afternoon in typical welsh fashion the beautiful sunshine was unexpectedly replaced with a ten minute hail storm which had everyone running for cover. The rest of the afternoon was taken at a leisurely pace with a lot of conversation round the camp fire before it was back to the farm for farewell tea and cake and a longer than expected 5 minute walk to see the cows and cob in one of the lower fields.

Great weekend as always at Old Chapel thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Edward Bell (First year)


  1. I'm just glad the hail storm arrived AFTER we had built the shelter!!
    Suzie :)

  2. Also forgot to add for anyone who would like to find out more about Old Chapel, sign up to be a woofer or look at the various courses run there throughout the year here's the web address