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30 March 2013

Green Phoenix 6th October 2012

The first task of the year, woo hoo! The aims for this task were to selectively fell (coppice) an area of spruce trees in order for a pathway to be formed and a clearing made for new plant growth. The branches of felled spruce were then to be made into ‘dead hedges’, simply staking up the branches one on top of the other in a neat fashion, so that they would form a perimeter hedge, bordering the new opening. It must be said that Dave’s group made some rather fancy and neat hedges, while mine (Ben’s) group tended to go for the chop em’ down and stack em’ up approach.

After lunch we got the chance to work on filling in gaps between the logs of the newly built log cabin (new study and crafts room) with wattle and daub, essentially a clay based mixed mixture that would insulate the building. Messy fun! The weather was nice, a bit nippy but once we got into our work it felt like a spring day.

Green phoenix is always looking for helpers and accepting of visitors and school groups.

By Ben Griffiths

Picture courtesy of Coed Phoenix :)

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