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23 February 2012

Making our Garden Sustainable....

As we come to the end of our first grant funding for the Campus Garden, £600 given by AberGuild, we are looking to the future.

So far the garden is rather an ornamental and fruitful affair, in the future, we hope to include raised veg beds so that students can save money by growing their own, as well as experimenting with some weird and wonderful breeds.
Map of Penglais Campus

We've already purchased an absolute bargain of a digital camera from eBay (£6.99!!) as well as some second-hand gardening books from the Oxfam book shop in town.

We've still got another £300 of grant to spend from the O2 Think Big Project on gravel paths and more essentials. 
Which also has the potential to access even more money as well as training for individuals involved.

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