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22 February 2012

Old Chapel Farm 18-2-12

After a phone call on Friday afternoon informing us that Saturday's task would have to be cancelled  due to poor weather, sadly  it looked unlikley that we were able to go out on Saturday, until  our president Ally managed to organise a new task in record breaking time (applause please :) ). So  on Saturday morning we set off to Powys (in the rain) for the third task of second semester working in Old Chapel Farm, a place ACV had worked at before, and had built steps during the residential last semester.
This time around we were coppicing,planting trees and creating a path. Only a few photos were taking on this task, because Ally the usual photographer was busy filming the task for our youtube video which will be edited and be up on the youtube channel soon! 
You can check out our youtube channel here
Coppicing and moving wood of the track.
The ACV team.

 The weather on Saturday was quite sporadic, after expecting to be working all day in the rain we were pleasantly surprised when it stopped raining and  we saw the blue skies , only to be surprised by a hailstorm later in the day. The most special part of Saturday's weather had to be the snow at the end of the day, luckily by this point we were in the farmhouse drinking tea and eating delicios homemade scones, it was a beautiful scene to watch.
It seemed that our last minute  rearranged task worked out for the best after all!

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