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4 May 2012

Coed Phoenix 28th April 2012

The Coed Phoenix is a project in Mid Wales to turn a former spruce plantation into a diverse woodland, with a good mosaic of habitats to provide not only a valuable environment, but a place of learning!

ACV volunteered on their “Amphibian and Freshwater Discovery Day” where we were able to help out with surveys – pond dipping and identifying the critters caught. This was the first wildlife survey ACV members have been involved with, and it was such a success that there will definitely be more of those tasks in the future!

  Not only did we count newts and dragonfly nymphs, we did our usual fabulous conservation work;

<<<<<<<< Building two boardwalk bridges to improve access to the freshwater network

Building a log shed to keep the 
firewood dry >>>>>>>>>>

         <<<<<<<<<<  Dead heading to expose the ground to sunlight and encourage the natural ground flora to                 regenerate

We also had fun contributing to the hand print decoration of their storage container, which the boys just couldn’t resist turning into a paint fight….

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