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4 May 2012

Plant a Tree with ACV

870 Trees
13 Volunteers
6 Hours
Plant a Tree with ACV

On a gloriously sunny day in March, the kind that shows Mid Wales in its best light, Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers set of with the challenge of planting 870 trees in a day. We had attracted many on members to the event through the weekly e-mail. So
We were planting on a small holding near Trefenter. The lady that owned the land had been given a grant through the Woodland Creation Scheme (The current Welsh Government plan to plan trees all over Wales). However the grant didn’t cover labour so our president Ally was approached to find volunteers to plant the trees.
It was decided to open the event up to the university and through advertising in the weekly e-mail and various other places we had many new volunteers sign up.It was great to have a mix of old ACVer and new members too.
The land we were planting on was rather muddy and waterlogged, so tree species that were tolerant to water logging were chosen including Goat’s willow, Alder and Hawthorne. Those that hadn’t planted trees before picked the technique up very quickly and the trees were all planted in 6 hours.

How to Plant a Tree
1) Making the T-cut

2)Planting the tree

3) Put the stake in the hole and fill in the hole

5) Place a tree guard around the tree and the stake

The hard work was rewarded with a delicious lunch which included many home made cakes and pasties.
Many thanks to those that helped us plant all the trees, hopefully in twenty years time we’ll be able to go back and see a woodland!
The Tree Planting Gang

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