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4 May 2012

Coppicing in LLandewi Brefi

On the 5th March 2012 ACV went to Llandewi Brefi and helped Andy ,who we've worked with before at Denmark Farm, so some coppicing, in woodlands being the town hall.
Wildlife Where You Live is a programme that helps communities carry out local environmental imrpovements in their own towns and villages and is run by Denmark farm. The plan at Llandewi Brefi is to have a dragon,the stone wall will form the body,the coppiced trees will form the spines and a sculpture will be created for the head.You can find out more about the initiative here

So after a quick tutorial in how to coppice some of the team set about coppicing whilst the rest set about moving already felled trees from the field behind

Working together to move coppiced wood into one pile

Coppicing was made a little difficult in the afternoon as the wooded area we were working in backs onto the town's football field,  so we were dodging footballs! However everyone enjoyed them selves, and many of us learnt new skills.

Thanks to everyone that took part.

Group Photo

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