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15 May 2013

C.A.T  8th December 2012

Wow…this was a special one. The Centre of Alternative Technology usually has us working on the opposite side to the main C.A.T centre, on the opposite valley, and that was where we were today. The task ahead of us included coppicing, laying chicken wire over walk ways and bridges and cutting a large pile of fallen branches and trees into more manageable sizes.

The work went well with three separate groups working on a task each. The scenery, up in the woods, was great, except for the overcast weather in the morning. All was going well until.. well you remember that I said it was a special one? Well that was for one reason - the first injury ACV has witnessed in a long time! Now we won’t name names but someone ended up cutting their thumb on an axe and needed a little trip to the hospital to get themselves sorted out, after a little bit of first aid magic from yours truly - of course. Tip: roll out the bandage and find the padding first, before you start rolling it around the injury. Lesson learned. Our injured warrior was all fine and well after the task, but has a nice scar to remember the day by!

Lunch was served in the building we were working around, an impressive make shift barn, housing a kettle and crafting areas. After the excitement of the morning the afternoon passed without incident but we got a lot of work done. The chicken wire made an excellent addition to the walk ways, making them safe for future use in the rain. Feel free to visit the C.A.T centre to learn more about alternative technologies, they are a welcoming and friendly bunch and have a very impressive centre and grounds! A restaurant is present on site for those who get peckish waking around the site.

To find out more about C.A.T. visit their website:

By Ben Griffiths

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