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14 May 2013

Penglais Woods  10th November 2012

On the 10th November 2012, ACV volunteered for Ceredigion County Council in nearby Penglais Woods - no need for minibus travel this week, it’s only a 5 minute stroll from the Uni campus!

As other volunteers from the local area also came along, we had a small army to make a real difference to the environment. 

After a quick briefing, we set about the morning’s task of clearing brambles and non-native invasive trees. We needed to create the ideal environment to plant a wide variety of native species. Massive piles of brash showed quite how much clearance we managed!

After the mandatory ACV tea-and-biscuit break and our lunch, we received a briefing into tree planting – a lot more complex than most people think! Apparently, if roots are exposed to the cold breeze for too long, the chances of the tree surviving and flourishing once planted is significantly lowered, so timing was critical.

Once we understood the process, everyone cracked on planting trees – up to 100 were planted that afternoon! Species included elm and hawthorn.

Hiding from rain showers and working in the drizzle has become second nature to regular ACV-ers, and this particular Saturday was no different!

Thank you to everyone who came on what was a very successful task!

By Rachel Say 

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