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14 May 2013

Green Phoenix 27th to 28th October 2012

For the first residential of the new academic year we found ourselves at Green Phoenix again!

Saturday & Sunday

Arriving bright and early we were all keen to get started as soon as possible to warm up on this freezing Saturday morning.  We did a small amount of dead hedging (creating hedging from cut trees and branches) before moving onto our main task of the day.  Scott (the founder of Green Phoenix) wanted a relatively untouched area of his site opening up to allow light in so that mosses, ferns and grasses could establish themselves on the woodland floor, making for a much more inviting habitat for wildlife.  Whilst Scott used his chainsaw to fell the larger trees we worked to billhook all the lower branches off of the trees up to around 6ft and then chopped down smaller trees using axes, once again placing all the felled materials into dead hedges.  Another purpose for clearing the site was to help open up space around a ditch that ran through the middle of the area we were working in and to clean it out of debris so as to link it with other ditches and habitats to help Green Phoenix’s water vole population.

Unfortunately, an arctic weather front called a stop to our plans to camp overnight on the site, as camping on frosted ground would have been say the least.  So we left for the warmth of home and came back Sunday morning refreshed to find a very wet day of work ahead of us – but on the bright side it wasn’t as cold!!  Carrying on our clearing work, in the same area, by midday we had helped transform the once dark area into light filled woodland and the ditch that was once only a trickle and full of debris was now happily flowing with water.  So we moved onto billhooking trees in a small surrounding area to, again, open up the woodland as much as possible to allow light in.

If you would like to know more about Green Phoenix and the work that Scott does or would like to get involved please visit the sites below:

By Steph James

Picture courtesy of Coed Phoenix :)

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