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14 May 2013

Old Chapel Farm 24th to 25th November 2012

The second residential of the semester and one that is a highlight for ACV. Unfortunately, due to gale force winds we weren’t able to make the entire weekend but luckily the Welsh weather calmed down enough for us to make a day of it on Sunday.


After a long trek up a steep lane from the parked minibus to the camp fire and wood shed (the hub of Old Chapel woods) we had a day of varying tasks ahead of us.

Split into groups we had some of our number putting in steps into the hillside, as access to the new planned Neolithic site, which proved hard work at first as the ground was incredibly solid.  Whilst the other part of our group were charring split oak posts that were to make up the main posts for one of the Neolithic buildings.

After lunch we planted some trees, amongst them some Hazel, just above the Neolithic site and then set about putting the charred posts into place to create the beginnings of a round house.  Then, with just a small amount of time remaining we put in a couple more steps before setting off for home.

If you’d like to know more about Old Chapel and the work they do, including their work on the Neolithic site, please visit their website:

By Steph James

Pictures courtesy of Alex Dodds

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